Ready, Set, Fit!

On December 1, 2017 I decided to do something new. A little switcheroo of sorts, Instead of starting my new years resolutions at the start of the year, I’d started it at the end of last year so that I would already be in the groove of things once the year began. I have always been at or a little above the body weight for my size, (thicker in some areas) but my fitness goal has always been to have a toned stomach where my abdominal muscles were apparent at all times. So I challenged myself and got out of my own way and did just that. In the pictures below, you will see where I started on December 1st and how in 30 days, I was able to get closer to the results I’m working towards. Although I am not where I’d like to be, I would say that I have done a pretty good job at getting close to it. This journey that I am going on is one that I am very proud to be partaking in, not only I have seen a transformation in my body,but it has also slowly begun to change my lifestyle .I know it the beginning of the year right now and many of you are looking to change your lives, the information I have below is how I got started. If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me an email which you’ll find on my contact page.




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