Love Language.

My fiance and I signed up for a marriage counseling course earlier this year and one of the topics of the course was learning about our love languages. I think its a great idea to learn about the way a person receives love, so that they may properly be taken care of in the emotional … Read More


Top 5: Favorite Male Youtubers!

1.My fave of all time! Up and coming youtuber with a kind heart and an exuberant personality. 2. He has a real life approach to what it’s like facing certain situations as a young Christian. 3. My fiance put me on to him, he seems to have a really good and genuine heart. 4.I watch … Read More

Top 5: Favorite Female Youtubers!

YouTube is one of the leading companies in the social media industry. Who doesn’t go on YouTube at least once a week for entertainment, the experience of something new, or just general knowledge? Here’s a list of my favorite female Youtubers (Males coming next Friday) who are imprinting positivity into my life as well as the … Read More

Top 5: Favorite vocalist

Singing is a personal gift that I hold near and dear to my heart and this list is dedicated to the people who I look up to and have been inspired by, vocally. 1. Celine Dion – The first time I heard her music I was in love, it’s not even just her voice, but also the … Read More

Top 5: Place I’d love to travel to.

These places are in no specific order, I would love to travel to them all equally! Africa  Original home of my ancestors. Japan Although not originally from Japan, sushi is a favorite of mine and I would love nothing more than to eat it straight from the place where it gained its popularity and was … Read More

Top 5 : Favorite Movies

 FORREST GUMP : My all time favorite movie! The story of a mentally challenged man who conquers his mental disability to accomplish and participate in some of the most astounding moments in history. 2. GREASE : Story of young love and high school shenanigans. Fell in love with this movie after watching a play in … Read More