Single season.

Being single is not something I do well, not because I can’t be alone but because I enjoy having meaningful conversations with my significant other or people and getting to know them on a deep level to the point where I sometimes accidently end up in relationships. Truth be told, I’ve been in and out of relationships or almost getting into one since I was 16 and now it’s 10 years later and I’m tired. I have found that it can be extremely difficult, especially for someone like me to fully focus on myself when there is always someone that requires my time and space. In my own time, I’ve come to realized that I’d been depriving myself of the necessary time I needed for truly cultivating myself into the person I’d always imagined. I have now come to a place of peace and self love where I know that I’m good and that I’ll be okay, regardless of what happens. I have learned to set my boundaries and know what I can and can’t handle. This is a journey that I’m fully embracing and I will no longer hinder myself or my progress.


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