I am.

I am. The most important phrases that can come out of your mouth( in my experience), the word shows confidence, ownership and acceptance. The word shows confidence in the sense that if we attach any positive word to the phrase, it gives the statement life. If you tell yourself I am smart, beautiful..etc, eventually those words will change your thought processes and actions towards what you are saying, which will then alter your reality. I am also shows ownership in respect to taking responsibility for what you are, which could also seep into acceptance of what you are saying. Coming to terms with what you are and fully taking ownership is the key to change, if the I am is something attached to a negativity. For instance, in most television shows or movies we have watched, at the beginning of the A.A meeting the person when they are presenting themselves say their name and then go on to say, I am an alcohalic. Like I said previously, coming to terms with that fact changes their lifes. In scripture, when Moses speaks to God and ask what is he to tell the Isrealites when they questions who he is and what credentials he has to lead him, God tells him to simply say I am that I am and tells him that he will be with him. That simple phrase gave Moses the ability and confidence he needed to lead the people out of Egypt, which God provisions of course. I say that to say this, watch what you attach to your I am to. I am is meant to bring about a force of change, either positive of negative. You choose.


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