Breaking the cycle

As some of you may know, we as humans are destined to live in the same cycles and go through similar patterns so that we may be forced to change or evolve as individuals. The problems lie in the fact that sometimes we may not want to change or are okay going through heart break after heart break, because it’s so easy to cling to the familiar. It’s comfortable to stick to what you know. I’m am learning every single day how much comfort is actually the enemy of progression. We are put here in this strange place with the purpose of becoming our best evolved selves so that we may be of service to others. There is nothing harder than looking within yourself and fully examining the parts of you that do not benefit you or society. So I challenge whoever is reading this to do just that. Look within and allow that still small voice to cultivate you into your best selves. It may be painful, but the end result will only grow you.


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