Every where I look these days people are aspiring to be like someone else. Even worst, comparing themselves to other people. I hate comparisons- strong word, I know. Good or bad, I just find comparisons to be very annoying, not only because most people live a fictitious life, but also because you never know how that person achieved their status or what they had to go through to get there. I find that comparisons of any kind take away what an individual has to offer. If you’re constantly looking to see how someone else is living their life then you’ll never realize your full potential. You are amazing, you are great, and you are an individual capable of being authentic and original. I look around and all I see are carbon copies afraid to disrupt the status quo. Scripture talks about how special we are and how God himself has specifically formed us to love, accept and live our OWN lives. I mean, I get it though..we are systemically taught to “Keep up with the Jones”, well the Kardiasians these days. Do you know that one of the many reasons for depression is because many are too busy coveting someone else’s life instead of taking a good look at their life and fully appreciating it? I’m not perfect and unfortunately I am human so in the past there have been instances where I have compared. Especially not having a father present in my life and a mother who wouldn’t let me do whatever I wanted or come and go as I pleased, I would think about about great other peoples parents were. It wasn’t till about middle school where kids would talk trash about their “amazing parents” when it finally clicked. NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD!!! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and everyone is fighting their own demons. Love yours.


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