Toxic Relationships/Friendships

Hello everyone, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted. Sorry, I had to mentally gather myself. For my first post back, I want to discuss toxic relationships, either it be a lover, a friend, or a family member. I’d just like to lightly brush the surface. The article below list the many factors of toxic relationships.

I was going through this list and I started evaluating my relationships in every aspect and I realized that there are a couple of people I surround myself with that are toxic. Unfortunately I also came to the realization that certain people in my life have similar traits to those toxic people I’ve had to cut off in the past. I’d like to consider myself as a chill person, when someone needs me, I’m there either to lend a helping hand, listen to them talk, be of support or in any other way I possibly can. I can’t really say for certain people I am around, when it comes time for me to have problems I’m not met with anything other than hypocrisy and other negative reactions. The article below goes into how to get rid of those relationships that are simply draining.

Relationships are suppose to be beneficial to both parties involved, if not, then what’s the point? I understand that everyone has their negative traits and that were all capable of being a burden to others. In those moments are when we need to look within ourselves and be honest and open towards potential solutions. There’s also the other side of the fence, where love conquers all. If a problem is something that you could honestly talk over and get through then by all means, go for it.

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