Blood is thicker than water – Yes, that is 100% true. That statement is proven fact, especially when matters of the flesh, and not the spirit are your concern. This is a hard topic for me, my loyalty for my family knew no bounds..until I became a Christian. Trying to be pleasing to fleshly matters and trying to walk in the spirit is like literally putting oil and water together, it just doesn’t mix. When becoming a Christian, expect a lot of criticism especially from those closest to you. I’ve heard things from my family such as how I now think I’m better than them or how I am a hypocrite and fake. At first I would get annoyed at what they were saying, but then I started to look at the situation from a more understanding lens. They have known me as my old self all my life, then all of sudden I started to rapidly transform into someone they could barely recognize, I get it. I’m over that part now, although that problem is still there, I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt.


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