Black Sheep.

All my life I have felt like I was on the outside looking in, I never really did anything about it, like trying to fit in or forcing myself to uncomfortably speak to people. See, the thing about being a black sheep is that you are knowingly different, you may appear “normal” but deep down you’re not, it’s special really. As a child I would think that I was weird or an alien, I couldn’t stand to hang out with the kids because I found no interest in what they were doing and I couldn’t hang out with the adults, I hadn’t yet learned about any of the things that they were discussing. That only left me to myself. As I grew up it became more evident how different I actually was; no, I do not have a deformity or anything that would make me physically stand out, the things I think about from my general peer group are different, the way I speak, respond..everything. When I got older and realized that you “need” people, things changed a bit, I’ve learned to be a chameleon. By a chameleon I mean, mirroring peoples exact personality, sometimes without even realizing it. When I am alone, it all comes flooding back to me that I am alone, my fiance and my best friend are the only two people who genuinely know me. I am still that black sheep. I still think I’m low-key an alien, but negative stigma I used to put on myself is gone. I love being a black sheep, I relish in my weirdness and I wouldn’t give up being different from my peers for anything. This is just a thought I had.


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