26 facts about me!

1. Name: Perpetua Gaëlle Léandre – Named after an ancient Christian martyr who refused to renounce her faith.

2. Born: In Haiti and I migrated from Haiti at the tender age of five.

3. Height: I am 5’0 – I stopped growing when I was twelve

4.What color is your hair?: Black

5.Best/Worst personality trait: I’m accepting being best, worst would be the fact that I’m easily angered.

4.Favorite feature: On myself are my EYES/On others : EYE/SMILE

5. Least favorite feature: My teeth (they look good but are super sensitive and have caused me a lot of pain in throughout my life) On others: Feet, but only if they touch mines.

6. Favorite Food/s: I love Sushi and Mashed Potatoes

7: Favorite Color/s: Black, Pink, Purple

8. Favorite Animal/s: Monkeys/Apes, Tigers, and most recently Elephants

9. Siblings?: Yes, four. I am the middle child.

10: I love people who: Are genuine and who care about people.

11.Fears? : I used to be super afraid of cats, but I’m over that now.

12.My Goals: To become everything that I’ve ever imagined

13: Favorite genre of music? : R&B and Classical

14. What makes me laugh?: I laugh at just about anything…and sometimes at inappropriate times.

15. I love my privacy. I respect the privacy of others.

16. I am great at keeping secrets of others, because I often forget…but remember at the same time if that makes sense.

17. Although I enjoy the company of others, I need plenty of alone time.

18. I get overwhelmed and anxious when I am around people for a long period of time .

19. My mood changes often, because I notice small changes in others that they don’t know that I notice.

20. A lot of people say they don’t like drama or negativity, but I literally can not function in dysfunction.

21. I go into confinement mode when I’m sad or angry. I don’t like spreading my negative energy or taking my emotions out on others.

22. I cry a lot, for things other people wouldn’t cry for.

23.I’m always doing something even when I’m not. My mind doesn’t stop.

24. I change my mind A LOT! I’m always gaining new knowledge that allows me to change my perspective.

25. I have a naturally low and soft voice, but it changes based on who I’m with.

26. I hate attention.


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