Top 5: Favorite Female Youtubers!

YouTube is one of the leading companies in the social media industry. Who doesn’t go on YouTube at least once a week for entertainment, the experience of something new, or just general knowledge? Here’s a list of my favorite female Youtubers (Males coming next Friday) who are imprinting positivity into my life as well as the life of others.

Asia Redhead💗

My future little sister.She is an up and coming YouTuber, so you know I have to support! Her page is filled with her views and general topics of a teenager. P.S. She is absolutely adorable with the most pleasant and gracious personality.

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Wonderful Acts

I came across this Youtuber a couple of weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with her personality and her passion for God. I get a sense of genuine love and confidence in her being a woman of the word.

The Glamtwinz- Kelsey&Kendra

Not only are they beautiful, but they also have heads full of luscious hair. When I first went natural, I binge watched literally all their videos. They cover a multitude of topics, like product reviews, make up and hair styling tutorials and hauls.

Bri Hall

Another YouTube that I binge watched. I basically binge watch any Youtubers who has a similar hair type to mine. Again, another beautiful young woman who is absolutely so talented artistically with a radiant personality attached. She also does product reviews, hauls, make up, and some really killer hairstyle videos.

Curly Proverbs

She taught me one of the most useful techniques to date for my hair growth. Using Ayurveda! Which has really helped push my hair to a better direction.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Friday, where I’ll make the top 5 list of my favorite male YouTubers!

Thank you for reading! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!♥♥♥


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