Dear Me…

As some of you may have probably realized, I’m a very introspective person and I love to think. A topic I’ve been doing some soul-searching on recently, are things that I wish I would’ve known or had some sort of clarification on in my younger years. In light of my 26th birthday, I’d just like to give young me some advice that could have saved me a lot of trouble.

I am wonderfully and fearfully made. There is no one else on this Earth that is me. I am a special edition.

– God will make you whole. Not people, status or things.

– Anger is unbecoming of you, you have too much class for that emotion.

– Loyalty doesn’t mean allowing people to take advantage of you.

– Letting go hurts, but holding on to certain situations will hurt a lot more.

– There’s no need to explain yourself, you said what you said.

– It’s okay to say NO!

– It’s okay to hear NO. In reality, it’s not a good thing to always get what you want. Sometimes the NO are to make way for better opportunities.

– Stop running away!

– Don’t be afraid to give and show love. It won’t kill you.

– Don’t quit, breakthroughs usually happen when you are most ready to quit.

– Perfection is a overateed, but still always strive to be the best you.

– Your only competition is yourself!

– Don’t be afraid of messing up, most people fail their way to the top. Life is full or trial and error, just start over and learn from your mistakes.

– Care for others, but stay in your lane. **Mind your own business**

– Support others and their passion

– Work can wait, go spend some time with your loved ones.

– Have some patience, everything you NEED will come in its time.

I am very much still a work in progress, but I can genuinely say that I’m proud of the person I have become. I can’t wait to meet the person I am about to be.♥♥♥

Thank you for reading, and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!♥♥♥



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