Top 5 : Favorite Movies

  1.  FORREST GUMP : My all time favorite movie! The story of a mentally challenged man who conquers his mental disability to accomplish and participate in some of the most astounding moments in history.


2. GREASE : Story of young love and high school shenanigans. Fell in love with this movie after watching a play in Kindergarten.


3. White Chicks : Two African American male cops going undercover as rich caucasian socialites? You’ll literally laugh through the whole movie.


4. UP – What would this category be without some Disney? A story of childhood love and dreams coming to life.


5. Pocahontas : Although this story is loosely (very loosely) based on the actual life of Pocahontas, It was still nice as a child to see a beautiful cartoon character close to my skin tone.


What are some of your favorite movies? Share♥♥


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