Experiencing Autumn 



I recently took a trip to North Carolina,  and I honestly didn’t know what to expect since I am a Florida girl at heart after all.  Pardon my ignorance, but I was surprisingly very impressed, I expected it to be mostly farm lands that are all spread far apart. What I did get was an extremely scenic experience, enormous and beautiful homes and autumn. The first night there, the streets were riddled with darkness, so there was not much to see. The next morning I was able to see the wonders that North Carolina had to offer, the wide span of just pure land, something I’m not used to in South Florida. Autumn has always been my favorite season, so of course I was totally taken back by the changing hues of the trees. Sure, It’s awesome to have palm trees and sunshine year round but literally nothing compares to the beauty of the many colors.That day was Thanksgiving, so my fiance and I spent time with his family, followed by a bonfire where we sat outside listening to music while roasting marshmallows and making smores.

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The following day we went out and explored the town of Old Salem, for those of you who don’t know Old Salem is a restoration project town where they preserve the lifestyle of which the Moravian lived. It was such a sight to see, it was like a live action cosplay town.

The trip was unfortunately only four days long, so on the last day we went on a hike through the Hanging Rock Trail. I could in all honesty say that, that was one of the best adventures that I have ever experienced.  We had to trek up the mountain and ended up at the top of the rock where we were met with a wondrous view of the land below.

God never ceases to stop short of any less than perfection, that’s what I would say about the beauty of the land. All and all, North Carolina was definitely an exciting surprise and hopefully I get to go back soon. Which of the places that you’ve been to would you consider to be the most scenic?

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.



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