I’m Thankful for…

With Thanksgiving being today, its only appropriate to reflect on all the things in my life that I have to be grateful for. To begin, I am extremely grateful for God and all that he has been doing in my life, not only with my surroundings but I have literally been getting transformed in my mind and soul.I am grateful for all the new relationships I have formed this year, God has strategically placed people in my life that have helped push me in the proper direction. Special shout out to my Pastor, who gives her all and deserves everything good that God has to offer in this world. I am grateful for my family of course, being around them reminds me why I am willing to work so hard to live in my purpose. I am thankful for life and being able to get up and live another day. These are some major reasons that I’m thankful for, what are you all thankful for?


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